Healing Sessions


Vibrational Healing Session
We can heal ourselves! This is a powerful Healing Session using Light Frequencies that I channel from the Higher Angelic Dimensions!

Past Life Regression
Gentle guidance to uncover past lives that might still be impacting your present and future. Free yourself of self-defeating impulses rooted in previous life experience, gain insight to make positive changes and applaud your own wisdom carried on through lifetimes!

Soul Retrieval
A Shamanic healing session to recover parts of our soul lost from past traumas. When we experience traumatic events we lose a portion of ourselves that is “frozen” in that moment of fear and helplessness. I will go back in your past and return to you that lost part of yourself, bringing healing and completion to the situation. A powerful experience that reintegrates your own energy that has not been available to you since! Bring all of yourself home to the Here and Now to create the best life you can possibly imagine!