“You were born to be psychic!”

Have you ever had a hunch about something that turned out to be true? Have you ever had an impulse to do something and later wished you had listened to that feeling? If you’re human you’ve had some sort of psychic experience that you couldn’t explain. Why-because everyone can be and IS psychic. Everyone has a third eye and pituitary gland in their brain. These organs are like any other muscle in the body: they need to be exercised. And when you do, something clicks inside your brain and mysterious forces begin to move through your life. Forces that can spark exponential growth in Psychic seeing, sensing, feeling and knowing!

 Vision Quest Book Store, Phoenix’s leading outlet for new and cutting edge information in the Technology of Consciousness field, is offering a Psychic Development Certification Program called The Psychic Powers Boot Camp. The Psychic Powers Boot Camp is a no holds barred curriculum designed to build up those psychic muscles in order to fully release and develop your psychic gifts. Through intensive no no-nonsense exercises you will get first hand psychic experiences that can kick start a study that can last a life time. This dynamic workshop will give you the psychic techniques that can be used everyday to solve problems, achieve goals, protect you and your loved ones, and help transform the lives of yourself and of those around you.

This is a 3 Class Course. Take any of the classes at any time and in any order for the certification-Thanks! 🙂



 A 3 hour Workshop in Vibrational Power Healing, Aura Cleansing, Channeling Healing Energy, Working with healing Angels, Diagnostics, Angelic Working with Crystal & Stones for Healing, Long Distant Healing and much more! 

 Wednesday Jan 18, 6:30-9:30PM

 COST:  1 Class – $25 by day before or $30